During the epidemic prevention and control,
the school progress you are most concerned about is here

Harrow International is closely following the development of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and is in regular contact with the Education Bureau. The teaching, operation, and logistics of each school are being carried out in a professional manner under the guidance and support of the group's crisis management group. This includes drawing strength from previous experience in the Harrow group including our school leaders in Bangkok who faced similar challenges with the civil unrest in 2011 and 2014.

In this unusual period we will continue to provide clear communication channels with students and parents.

After the recent epidemic, the admissions offices and teachers of the new campuses in various places have maintained close communication with parents.

1Will the outbreak affect the construction progress of the new school

The new school construction is still progressing as scheduled

We are in close contact with each school's contractor on a regular basis. At present, the contractor has adjusted the construction plan and staffing arrangements according to the unexpected conditions.

We have also kept close communication with the local government and contractors in supervising the progress of the project. If there is any significant further news, we will communicate with the parents as soon as possible.

2Will it affect the recruitment of foreign teachers?

Are there any foreign teachers who are afraid coming to China to teach because of the epidemic?

To this point there has been minimal negligible on the teacher recruitment progress

Harrow International mainly follows the recruitment cycle of educators in English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom. Most of the recruitment of foreign teachers at Harrow International and Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy member schools had been carried out before the outbreak.

Will new teachers be ready for induction

Harrow International is in regular contact with newly appointed teachers to support and reassure them in the journey from their appointment to commencing their post. Using online platforms, our new teachers are able to contact both each other and school leaders in fielding questions, sharing ideas and getting to know each other as we establish our new communities. Equally, school leaders alongside our human resources team are helping ready our staff for the new school year.

3Can I still apply for an education consultation at a new school starting in August 2020?

Online education sharing sessions and educational consultations will be held with more details to follow.

In this unique situation, the education sharing sessions and education consultations in our new campus will temporarily shift from the traditional offline mode to a safer online mode. Please stay tuned to Harrow International's official WeChat for further arrangements regarding online education sharing sessions and education consultations.

In the meantime, if parents have any questions, please contact the admissions team of each campus directly for more information.

Harrow Shenzhen Qianhai Campus: (86) 135 3825 2660、(86) 189 2289 4820
Harrow Haikou Campus: (86) 139 0762 1850
Harrow ILA Nanning Campus: (86) 150 7710 1088
Harrow ILA Chongqing Campus: (86) 178 8026 6200
Harrow ILA Zhuhai Campus: (86) 135 7066 1645

Parents of the four Harrow International Schools (Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai) and the Harrow Little Lions Early Years Center, please contact the relevant teaching staff according to the guidelines issued by your child's school district.

In addition, if parents of Harrow Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai have any questions or need support for their child's curriculum, please contact the responsible staff of the child's class to report the problem in order to get the fastest and most direct and effective solution.

Harrow International will, as always, take the primary goal of ensuring the health and safety of students, faculty and staff in each of our schools and the entire school community. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Dear Harrow International Parents,

Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak

What has happened

The Harrow family of schools has been closely following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China, and has been receiving expert advice on how to respond. We wish to reassure all our parents that each of our schools has been taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its students, staff and community.

A central Task Force comprising the Heads of all our four Harrow International Schools (HISs), representatives of our two Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres (HLLs), members of the senior management at Harrow International HQ and 2 representatives of Harrow School London who are governors of each of the Harrow International Schools has been established, focusing on three key areas:

Prioritisation of the safety and well-being of our children, staff and communities

Continuity of education

Communication, operational and logistical needs

This Task Force has been receiving important updates and providing support to our schools.

Our HISs and HLLs in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chongqing, are currently temporarily closed and are working to ensure that their respective campuses are as well prepared as possible when they re-open. This work has included ensuring each campus is as hygienic as possible when school recommences, preparations for on-line learning and arrangements to ensure that the campus re-opens in a manner that is safe and well managed.

HIS Bangkok has remained open and has enacted strong measures to ensure the safety of its community in response to the situation in Thailand and the region.

What we will do

The Task Force meets regularly. Any measures we take will be mindful of the requirements of the local and national authorities pertaining to each school. In all locations we have strong links with the authorities and have assured them of our support.

Each school is monitoring the local situation carefully. Our schools in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chongqing will re-open safely and cautiously, following the directions of their local Education Departments. They will communicate relevant information to you directly. HIS Bangkok is keeping the situation under close review.

All the HISs and HLLs in our family will adopt the following measures:

Control of access to the campus will be increased.

Activities, including trips and residential visits will be reviewed.

Regular, family wide information gathering and communication will be carried out.

The frequency of regular cleaning and disinfection will be reassessed.

Additionally, in our schools in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chongqing:

Face masks, hand wash and disinfection opportunities will be available for pupils and staff and there will be a thorough deep cleaning of the premises before reopening.

If you are unsure of anything related to the current situation, please contact your school.

What you can do

We request that all HIS and HLL parents adopt the following measures:

Carefully follow the instructions of your school.

If your child has any flu-like symptoms, don’t send him/her to school until he/she has recovered.

Advise the school immediately if you or your child has been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Support the hard working staff of your school in this challenging period.

If you are a parent of our school in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Chongqing (not in Bangkok)

Please make sure your child (and you) wear a face mask when at school and please visit the school as little as possible. Be mindful of personal hygiene, regular wash your hands, wear a face mask, avoiding public places. Please also take and record the temperature of your child every day.

All HIS and HLL parents should refer to the communications from their individual HIS and HLL for details related to school operation, closure, re-opening and health matters.

The safety and well-being of your child is be our top priority as we continue to assess and respond to the situation. We look forward to welcoming all students back to their school in the coming days.

Thank you for your kind support and co-operation in these difficult times.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Rosanna Wong, DBE, JP


Harrow International Management Services (HIMS)